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Vision is a strong predictor of academic performance in children. Yet, 1 in 4 children have an undiagnosed vision problem. Vision disorders in children affect cognitive, social, and physical development; future health; and well-being. An eye health problem can be the reason a child does not perform well at school. Conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye) or strabismus (crossed eye) can go undetected and, if not addressed by the time a child is eight years old when eyesight is fully developed, can lead to lifelong problems and result in an irreversible loss of sight.  The Lions World Vision Institute is dedicated to the ocular health of our nation’s children and has launched three vision health programs:

The Association for Pediatric Vision is a national program dedicated to providing children with the best chance of success in life by providing:

  • A national accreditation program for individual and organizational vision screeners
  • Educational programs that offer ongoing learning on new techniques, new technologies and expert advice on best practices
  • Community support that offers FREE vision health resources to parents, caregivers, school nurses, and school districts
  • Training and assistance in helping to detect eye diseases and vision impairments in children

This membership-based program is designed to meet the needs of communities around the world. Our goal is to provide future generations with the best vision care possible so they can thrive in any environment. We are ready to build a better future for our children and we welcome you to join us! Learn more.

The Mobile Vision Clinic is the centerpiece of the Glazer Vision Foundation’s commitment to providing critical eye care services and resources to children that need it most. As the operator of this program, the Lions World Vision Institute regularly schedules visits for the Mobile Vision Clinic and brings doctors and eye care specialists, along with an on-site prescription lens lab and a full selection of eyeglass frames to schools and communities throughout Tampa Bay.

The Vision Screening Program is one of the most comprehensive vision screening programs in Florida. We use the Rebion BLINQ screener and Welch Allyn SPOT autorefractor to determine if a child needs to be referred for a comprehensive eye exam. The BLINQ is the first instrument designed for vision screening programs that accurately detects micro-strabismus and amblyopia. The SPOT accurately detects refraction errors and risk factors for Amblyopia. Both devices used in tandem by our vision health specialists ensure that we are detecting any vision issues that exist. If students do not pass their vision screening, we inform the parents/guardians and school. Students are then scheduled for a refraction exam by an optometrist on another day. In cases where the student needs glasses, we provide the prescription and dispense glasses. If a child is diagnosed with a more serious condition, we provide a referral to a pediatric eye care professional for follow-up care. This program benefits students enrolled in Title 1 Headstart, VPK and K-5 schools in Hillsborough and Pinellas County.


STEM Curriculum Lions World Vision Institute’s Eye Adventures with Lens and Iris engages learners through STEM modules designed to introduce young learners to the world of eyes. Students explore basic eye education alongside their guides – Lens & Iris – two bright and curious lion cub siblings.

Topics include:

  • Eye Anatomy
  • Eye Hygiene
  • Preventable Blindness

Students are challenged to “solve a mystery” or “go on an exploration safari” through their own lens – literally and figuratively! Worksheets, art pages to color, and other creative activities can be completed individually or in a group.

Eye Adventures with Lens and Iris can supplement the current STEM curriculum, provide teachers with activities to help prepare students for in-school vision screenings and energize excitement about the wonders of vision. The Lions World Vision Institute’s Eye Adventures with Lens and Iris curriculum is geared toward grades K-5.


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Gayle Guyardo, Foundation Board Member

Gayle announces the launch of the Association of Pediatric Vision in this brief video. Stay tuned for additional news about APV, free resources, and more information about becoming an accredited vision screener.

The APV program is supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as part of an award totaling $300,000 with 0% percentage financed with non-governmental sources. The contents are those of the author(s)and do not necessarily represent the official views of, nor an endorsement, by HRSA, HHS, or the U.S. Government. For more information, please visit

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