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Types of Tissue Criteria

Lions Eye Institute recovers whole globes or single pieces of ocular tissues upon request.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Corneas
  • Lenses
  • Scleras
  • Retinas
  • RPE/choroids
  • Trabecular meshworks
  • Optic nerves
  • Aqueous humors
  • Vitreous humors

We recover over 70% of our whole globes within eight hours of death. With our on-site facilities we can then preserve the individual dissected tissues (by freezing, fixation, or in RNALater) for further analysis at our clients’ laboratories. Our typical dissection places the following tissues into their own cryovial: aqueous humor, vitreous humor, optic nerve, optic nerve cup, macular retina, macular RPE/choroid, peripheral retina, peripheral RPE/Choroid, sclera, cornea, ciliary body, and trabecular meshwork.

We also have a fully-furnished histological suite and can prepare whole globes or dissected tissues for paraffin, frozen, or epoxy histological embedding. The resulting blocks can be sectioned on-site or at our client’s laboratory.

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