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NEW Preloaded option for DSAEK

  • 3mm diameter delivery system
  • Delivers graft using fluid injection
  • Preloaded for no-touch delivery
  • Closed system provides deep stable chamber
  • Eliminates need for punch, forceps and A/C maintainer
DSAEK 3.0 -Tip

DSAEK EndoGlide

Preloaded DSAEK grafts arrive precision prepared, marked, and trephined to specified diameter.

  • Pull-through technique used to introduce graft to the AC
  • Added surgeon control in anterior chambers with compromised anatomy
DSAEK - Endoglide

LEITR DSAEK Graft Preparation

DSAEK grafts are prepared using high pressurized anterior chamber (HPAC) method yielding surgeons’ preferred graft thickness (precut). The graft is trephined to desired diameter (prepunched); orientation markings are added (premarked). Then the graft is tri-folded, loaded into the LEITR DSAEK 3.0 (preloaded), and placed in a vial of Optisol GS.

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Validation Studies

Prepared DSAEK grafts, preloaded in new LEITR DSAEK 3.0, demonstrate minimal endothelial damage and allow for smaller incision size. A series of validation studies were conducted on each process used to prepare, load, store, transport and evaluate tissue distributed in LEITR DSAEK 3.0. In addition to validating endothelial cell viability, studies confirmed graft position and determined which graft sizes and thicknesses are supported.

Summary of results

  1. Endothelial cell loss: less than 5%
  2. Graft position maintained
  3. Graft thickness range: 40-70μ
  4. Graft diameters: 7.5, 7.75, and 8.0mm


Baseline measurements for cell damage were established on donor corneas with healthy endothelial cells post-preparation (0.2%). Grafts were tri-folded, loaded in LEITR DSAEK 3.0 with Optisol-GS, stored for 24 hours and then measured demonstrating only 2.8% cell damage.

Endothelial cell viability results

endothelial cell

Storage & Transport

  • OCT images show the preloaded graft positioned in LEITR DSAEK 3.0 is rounded and maintains its shape without collapsing
  • Preloaded graft is stored in Optisol-GS and easily removed from the vial
  • Area of tissue overlap faces downward when bevel is up on insertion end
  • Graft orientation is visible inside LEITR DSAEK 3.0
OCT image of preloaded graft