Preloaded Cornea for DMEK, PDEK, and DSAEK



Preloading Since 2012


Over 1,000 Preloaded Grafts Transplanted

Preloaded DMEK, PDEK, or DSAEK tissue arrives transplant-ready and specifically prepared for your patient. Our certified eye bank technicians process tissue daily using validated processes in accordance to EBAA Medical Standards.

Save time, reduce stress, risk, and cost
• Tissue is dissected, stained, marked, punched, and loaded
• Eliminate cost of stain, trephine, injector, and preparation time



“The 2.0 Micro Jones Tube injector shortens the learning curve for DMEK and PDEK. Post-prep verification ensures that the endothelial cells are healthy. Even better, the injector goes through a 2mm incision. It can’t get any easier for a surgeon!”
—Ahad Mahootchi, M.D.

Preloaded Injector Options

LEITR 2.0 Micro Jones Tube*

Design Details & Advantages
1) Wide-end for graft loading designed to reduce endothelial damage
2) Wide-body to promote cell preservation
3) Narrow insertion tip to reduce the need for suture
4) Breathable plug allows fluid exchange


Coronet™ EndoGlide™
Preloaded DSAEK grafts arrive precision prepared, stained, marked, and trephined to specified size.
• Pull-through technique used to introduce graft to the AC
• Added surgeon control in anterior chambers with compromised anatomy


*Designed by Lions Eye Institute for Transplant & Research