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Surgical Training
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Comprehensive Eye Bank Services

Choose from LEITR’s expanding line of services for DMEK, DSAEK, PKP, ALK, and sterile tissue.

Preloaded Perfection

TransplantREADY Services
David Moore, Lions Eye Institute

Premium Choice for Glaucoma and Corneal Applications.

Sterile Tissue Options

“Preloaded tissue reduces the surgical time of my cases, and I don’t have the stress of having to trephine and load my own tissue.”

Kathryn A. Colby, MD, PhD
Chair, Department of Ophthalmology NYU Langone Health
New York, NY

Our technicians process up to 75 corneas for EK procedures each week, 50% of which are preloaded.

Our comprehensive eye bank services continue to expand with the objective to ease the transplant procedure and improve patient outcomes. From tissue evaluation to the most precise processing, our expertly trained, certified eye bank technicians prepare tissue daily, saving you time in the O.R. and providing you with consistent quality for all your tissue needs.
LEITR technician inspecting cornea tissue through a high imagery microscope

Precision Processing Down to the Micron


10-15 microns


Ultrathin 40-100 microns. Traditional 100+ microns with 4x less endothelial cell loss


Prepared to your specifications


Full thickness

Choose from predissected, prestained, premarked, and prepunched.

Register your parameters for each type of procedure. Your online account will be set-up with this information and serve as a reference for your tissue requests. Some cases may require a unique set of specifications which can be included on the individual request.

NOW Available FDA Approved Cornea Preservative with Amphotericin B

Lions Eye Institute for Transplant & Research is pleased to offer FDA approved Kerasave with Amphotericin B for use as a cornea preservative. Kerasave, made by Alchimia in Italy, is a corneal storage medium with an optional Amphotericin B tablet additive. The combined presence of an antifungal agent and antibiotic promotes the microbiological safety of the corneal tissue.

Please contact our team with any questions cornea@lionseyeinsitute.org

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