The Foundation

As advocates for the 45 million blind and visually impaired people all over the world, the Lions Eye Institute Foundation works to raise funds to support sight-related outreach, education, treatment and research. The Foundation also funds programs that enrich the quality of life for blind and visually impaired people of all ages, right here in our local community and beyond.

Our valuable work changes more than the lives of individuals, it improves the lives of communities across the world. As a not-for-profit organization, we are grounded in the belief that everyone deserves the gift of sight, and the Foundation was established for that purpose. We donate ocular tissue annually and give thousands of dollars to help improve vision and quality of life for those we serve internationally. To educate and inspire our community, we host special events for those with impaired vision. We embrace every opportunity to invest in our community. Our dream will be realized when everyone – those affected by eye disease, as well as those with healthy eyes – fully appreciates and values the gift of sight. As leaders in ocular research and transplantation, we champion our knowledge and share it with the vision restoration industry and our community. We are your “go-to” resource for all things related to vision restoration and eye banking — from procurement to new surgeries and the preparations required to accommodate them. Plus, we leverage our thought leadership, extensive training and cutting-edge technology to partner with the research community in an effort to gain critical learning for better ocular research. Contact us today for any inquiries you may have, and we’ll be glad to provide the answers you need.

Supporting the Efforts of the Eye Bankretina

Since there is no substitute for human tissue, cornea transplantation depends upon the priceless gift of cornea donation from one person to the next. Lions Eye Institute has a deep respect and the highest regard for eye donors and their families. It is through their loss that the precious gift of sight is possible for others. Today, the Institute recovers tissue from thousands of donors each year and is one of the largest eye recovery agencies in the world. In recent years, the Foundation has made it possible for our organization to provide roughly $1 million in eye tissue to those who would not otherwise be able to afford their corneal transplant surgery.

One of the greatest dreams for many people with blindness is that someday there will be a cure or treatment that will restore their vision. A potential loss of vision will come as a natural result of aging, and delaying this is the desire of everyone across the globe. While such cures do not exist currently, we are at the forefront of creating medical miracles and making the dream of curing blinding eye disease a reality by going beyond current treatments and delving into pioneering discoveries.

forwardingForwarding the Programs of the Ocular Research Center

The Foundation works to fund breakthroughs in testing, treatment and cures for blinding eye diseases. Our innovative new model combines the world’s largest eye bank with a cutting-edge research facility, breaking down the barriers that have previously hindered progress and giving us even greater accuracy from our research on recovered tissue. We think differently and work with financial donors who wish to leave behind a legacy that will change the landscape of sight-related diseases. Through collaboration and new funding, we will push beyond the expected and offer the industry limitless potential for new information in the fight against blindness.


The 2018 Lions Eye Ball

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