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Events & Training

In-Person, Remotely Supported, and Virtually. We are committed to providing advanced cornea transplant surgical training in the U.S. and around the world. We performed surgeon training in United States, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Central Asia and South Africa. 

World Cornea Congress

Exhibit B-19

WCC Chicago, Sept 28 – 29 2022

Join us in Chicago at WCC and learn about TransplantREADY® DSAEK and TransplantREADY® DMEK Preloaded in a Weiss Glass Cannula and our advanced processing including Hydrodissection “Blister” technique for DMEK and High Pressure Anterior Chamber (HPAC) Technique for UT-DSAEK.

Preloaded DSAEK at AAO

Exhibit 1521

AAO Chicago, Sept 30 – Oct 3 2022

Register for a hands-on wet lab with TransplantREADY® DSAEK preloaded in a Weiss Glass Cannula – designed to ease the DSAEK procedure and improve clinical outcomes

100+ Ophthalmologists Report:
  • Delivery using fluid injection provides deep stable chamber while promoting opening of the graft
  • 3x less endothelial cell loss compared to pull-through and insertion techniques

SAO Annual Congress 2022

Exhibit 33

Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 19 – 21, 2022

Please visit our exhibit in Buenos Aries to learn more about LEITR’s TransplantREADY® DSAEK and TransplantREADY® DMEK, our advanced processing techniques and surgeon training programs.

Cornea 2022 in Mexico

Exhibit 20

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, October 26 – 29, 2022

Join us for a precongress course on Endothelial Keratoplasty with International faculty and case studies from local faculty. Learn about the latest technology at our exhibit for TransplantREADY® DSAEK and TransplantREADY® DMEK preloaded in a Weiss Glass Cannula, in addition to our advanced processing techniques and sterile tissue options. Please RSVP if you are interested in participating in our DSAEK wet lab.

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Cape Town, South Africa, November 3-5, 2022

We look forward to seeing you at SASCRS 2022 to discuss how we can save you time in the OR with LEITR’s TransplantREADY® DSAEK and TransplantREADY® DMEK techniques. Our team will share the latest innovations of our advanced cornea processing for DMEK, Hydrodissection “Blister” technique and High Pressure Anterior Chamber (HPAC) Technique, in addition to our sterile tissue options.

6th International Red Sea Ophthalmology Symposium

Jeddah, November 10 – 12, 2022

Please join us at RSOS for a hands-on DSAEK and DMEK wet lab using our TransplantREADY® DSAEK and TransplantREADY® DMEK Preloaded in a Weiss Glass Cannula. Our team will explain the details of our advanced processing including Hydrodissection “Blister” technique for DMEK and High Pressure Anterior Chamber (HPAC) Technique for UT-DSAEK.

Along with the expansion of our tissue services, our surgeon training program continues to grow with the rapid advancements in technologies and new procedures.

Our commitment to provide training opportunities and resources to assist surgeons in mastering the latest techniques strengthens every year.

The successful combination of instruction from experts in the cornea field and our innovative tissue preparation allows for immediate skill transfer and use in practice. Training is developed and tailored to specific needs, whether it be a wet lab on location, online didactic and surgical reviews, or a multiple day course hosted at our state-of-the-art eye bank and dedicated training site.

Advanced EK Training Program

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Comprehensive Transplant Courses

Comprehensive Transplant Courses on DMEK, PDEK, DALK/ALK, and KPro are led by experts in the cornea field who present best practices during a didactic session and provide one-on-one support throughout a hands-on wet lab.

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Cornea Fellowship Eye Bank and Cornea Transplant Training Program

In addition, this intensive course, which combines classroom study, hands-on wet lab work, and one-to-one training with internationally recognized corneal specialists, will offer expert instruction and practical training in DMEK, DSAEK, and PKP. Participants will also tour our state-of-the-art eye bank/tissue processing facility and research center to learn about tissue preparation as well as the range of different options for precut, preloaded tissue.

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Wet Lab

Experiences include expertly prepared research corneal tissue, instrumentation, and supplies. Wet labs are offered as:

  • Part of a comprehensive course
  • A stand-alone event
  • A private one-on-one lab on location at
    your surgical facility or in Tampa at the
    LEITR training sit
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