Bio Repository – Culturing of Primary Ocular Cells

Adjacent to our tissue recovery bank is our 2,000 square foot laboratory space for performing on-site research. This includes 600 square feet of space dedicated to cell, tissue, and organ culture.

We are skilled at culturing of primary ocular cells: trabecular meshworks, retinal pigment epithelial cells, corneal endothelial cells, and laminal cribrosal cells. We also have some stock of low-passage primary cells from trabecular meshworks, Tenon’s fibroblasts, and laminal cribrosal cells.

In addition, the Lions World Vision Institute Ocular Research Center can offer our clients on-site facilities for:
  • Research lab space for client-supplied specialized equipment
  • Customized on-site experiments using human ocular tissues under greatly reduced post-mortem time intervals
  • An anterior chamber organ perfusion system that allows long-term (7-10 day) examination of the human aqueous outflow system

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